Forum on Right To Education Act
3.0 hrs
February 08, 2014 11:00 am Saturday

I am a P.hD. Scholar from the Department of Education; EFL University, Hyderabad. As part of my course work titled Public Policy Education for Ph.D. (Education) Programme, I am pleased to inform you that I am organizing an open Public Forum on “Right to Education Act”. The objectives of this forum is to create awareness about RTE Act, understand the key issues and challenges in the implementation of the RTE Act, initiate dialogue between various stake holders of the society on RTE Act, Share the information about government policies, NGO’s and educational institutes working for the RTE Act. This Forum will discuss issues related to RTE Act, Supporting Mechanisms, Administrative Imperatives, and Implementation Challenges. In this forum many stake holders from different departments and institutions will participate to name. To name a few Hon'ble Judge Mr. D. Durga Prasad, Principal Magistrate Juvenile justice Board, R.R. Dist; Mrs. Sunitha, Assistant professor, IASE, Osmania University; Dr. A Srinivas, Asst. Prof Polital Science, Kakatiya University; Venkateshwarlu Geriti, social worker Students for liberty; Mrs. P. Padmavathi, Member of CWC; Mr. K. Papi Reddy, State vice President (PRTU), Mr. M. Harish Mandal Resource person, Mahboob Nagar and many government and private teachers, principals, research Scholars from different Universities will participate in the forum discussion. All are welcome. Entry - Free

The forum will be organized in the following: • Welcome address • Policy presentation • Discussion • Question Answer Session • Vote of Thanks The following questions will be presented for discussion: 1. Could RTE make a difference in a child’s life and his education status after 3 years of implementation? 2. Why is there indifference to its implementation? 3. Why government schools have failed and lost faith of people? 4. Why the present education system creating inequalities in children society and education system at large? 5. Why is there exclusion of early childhood education from RTE Act? 6. Why is there admission based on age but there is no facility for bridge courses before admission? 7. Why is there no detention policy instead of improving the quality of education? 8. Why the norms and standards specified in the schedule to the Act are excessively input focussed and do not ensure learning outcomes? 9. What is the recognition process of state schools and teacher education colleges to meet the provisions of the Act “Quality education for all”? 10. Why is there discrimination of students in implementing 25% reservation of seats in private schools? 11. What are provisions for Orphans, Child labourers, Street children, School dropouts, out of school children in the Act and how much has been achieved in bringing these children in the mainstream of education? 12. What does the Act say about the quality of teacher, teacher education and teacher pupil ratio? And what is the present situation? 13. What are the major causes for mismatch between demand and supply factor in RTE Act? 14. RTE Act designated National commission for Protection of Childs Rights to monitor the provisions of the Act but why is there no legal authority with NCPCR? 15. Will common school system ensure quality education for all?

In view of this I seek your kind presence in the forum. Your presence and participation in the forum discussion will be extremely valuable to us.
Date: Saturday, February 08, 2014. Time: 10:30 am. To 01.30 pm. For more details Contact: Md. Kalimullah, Research Scholar Department of Education, EFL University @ 8121455115, Email:,

Thanking you

With Regards Mohammed Kalimullah P.hD. Scholar Department of Education, The English and Foreign Languages University, (O. U. Campus) Tarnaka, Hyderabad. Hand Phone 8121455115; Email:,

Mohammed Kalimullah
Research Scholar (Ph.D.) Department of Education The English and Foreign Languages University, (EFLU), Tarnaka, Hyderabad 500007