Marx in Hyderabad
1.5 hrs
February 27, 2014 7:30 pm Thursday

Marx in Hyderabad, acted and directed by Vithal Rajan A free adaptation by Vithal Rajan of the late Howard Zinn's play for single actor 'Marx in Soho.' Duration between 1 hour to 75 mins. Marx's soul comes to earth for an hour to talk about his life, family, capitalism, socialism, then and now. The play is intended to show the continued relevance of Marx's theories and the all too human side of his character. The play was performed to appreciative audiences in the USA, mostly university audiences, by the African-American actor, Brian Jones. Dr Vithal Rajan of Hyderabad received permission from Prof. Howard Zinn to adapt and perform the play in India, but was not able to do so till now. He offers it as a humble contribution to celebrate DCH 50th anniversary celebrations.

Entry - Free

Vithal Rajan
Vithal Rajan, a member of DCH and the Little Theatre of Hyderabad. He is a playwright, and an avid theatre-goer who has watched hundreds of performances in England, USA, Canada, India. He was director and actor for the Hertel Players of Montreal, Canada.