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Steam Carnival
Sat Jun 29, 10:30 AM

The idea of the carnival is to showcase S.T.E.A.M learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in an interactive and fun manner. We will have activities, challenges and games for both parents and children. These activities are small glimpses into the themes of our weekend and weekday camps.

Here's a rough breakdown of the activities covered during the carnival:

3D Printing (Ages 5-14)- Children get a demo of what goes into 3D modelling and printing. They can then 3D print a keychain of their initials and take it home.

Makey Makey (Ages 5-14)- We have a set up of different digital games made by our students, programmed with Makey- Makey where different everyday objects like fruits, clay, become joysticks and they get to play these games. There are also activities where the objects are programmed as musical instruments, fruits are used as musical keys that kids can play.

Build a Bot (Ages 9-14) - This is a timed challenge where the parent and child participate together to put together a bot (using materials like battery, spade connectors, motors, wheels and chassis).An instruction booklet is provided and they will have to follow the instructions and construct it

Stop Motion Video (Ages 9-14) - A fun challenge where kids cosplay and put together a costume and parents make a stop motion video of their kids

Engineering Challenge (Ages 9-14) - Kids are challenged to balance set of books on the table using only A4 sheets or ice cream sticks without glue or any other support material.

Build the Joint (Ages 5-8)- A biology themed fun activity where kids get to put together different joints like hinge, saddle, gliding, pivot, ball & socket using everyday items.

Match the bones (Ages 5-8) - Kids identify different bones in the body and stick it to the cut out of the human skeleton.

It will be a free event where both parents and kids can drop by.