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Par Ledu and Hide and Seek
Fri Jul 20, 8:00 PM
Aspiring Actor's Studio
Sure Thing (Telugu) 8:00 pm
What if our life had a reset button? Let’s see what it brings out? Does it make things more complicated or does it simplify them? People say things like, “if only I could start over?” I would do everything right. Life could be only learnt by living it. By the time we learn how to live, its shame not much life is left. We invite you to eavesdrop in our café and see how the conversation of the young ones shape and reshape with each reset.

Hide and Seek (Hindi) 8:30 pm
We live in the world of multiple identities. Do we change our identity like characters in a film or a play? Does our behavior change according to the surroundings and people around us? Is it possible for a person to reveal his true identity to someone, even himself? Well, two revolutionaries try this ….let’s see where they end up?