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Rainwater Harvesting Mela
Sat Sep 7, 10:30 AM
Lamakaan & Hyderabad Urban Lab
The water need in the city is massive, and the city extracts groundwater for the same. With depleting groundwater levels and fluctuating climate conditions, the method, with hands on practical knowledge, promises to go a long way to help mitigate water shortage and maintain the water balance by collecting rainfall for future usage.

Hyderabad, with its topographic and underground water specifics, also requires to look at this method a lot more carefully. Applied questions such as how rainwater harvesting should be practiced or where is it viable to practice rainwater harvesting, are best answered by practitioners engaged with this technology through years of experience. The Rainwater Harvesting Mela intends to demonstrate locally developed means and processes of water harvesting that people in and around the city of Hyderabad have been using. Through this mela, we hope to disseminate reliable knowledge to capture rainwater that not only recharge local aquifers in an arid zone, but also reduce urban flooding by integrating rainwater harvesting as an integral means for Hyderabad’s annual flood control.

Join us on 7th September 2019, Saturday, from 10.00 am onwards to know more about doable and practical rainwater harvesting from resource persons who will be available on site. Stay tuned to this page for more updates, from time to time !